Royal Enfield Shartz

A board tracker based on Royal Enfield Bullet 350 сс 19 hp engine.

советский спортивный мотоцикл


This bike is a retrofuturistic board tracker. It is a tribute to Semion Melnitsky’s grandfather Ariy Zelmanovich Shartz. He used to be a biker and a motorcycle driving teacher in ‘Dynamo’ sport community. This bike is a new look at the old school motorcycles.


A bike has 2nd place at Freestyle class on MotoVesna 2019 exhibition and 2nd place at the same class on Russian Handbuilt Cup championship at IMIS 2019 exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Награды / prizes
Награды / prizes



Well, there are only engine and gearbox present from a Royal Enfield. Both are separated from each other and are installed the way a frame’s element stands between them. The clutch is now open, the engine cover is replaced by a milled shield, the main gear chain is replaced by a longer one.

  • A new frame and a front fork are crafted of stainess steel.

  • Front fork is a girder.

  • Spoked 28″ wheels with Coker 28×3 tires.

  • Brakes are handmade hydraulic calipers. They work together with handmade brake disks installed within the rims and connecting rims to spokes.

  • The tank and fenders are made of brushed aluminum.

  • The seat is a milled sandwich of wood and plexiglass layers.

  • A new muffler was crafted.

  • A milled headlight housing has parking lights, headlights and turn signals mounted inside. Epoxy light guides are seen from outside.

  • Milled wood & plexiglass sandwich patches are on a front fork and on a muffler.

  • The wood & plexiglass sandwich composite was used to create grips, footpeg parts, kick starter parts, brake and gear pedals parts.

  • Brake and gearbox pedals are milled.

  • Handmade brake and clutch levers use a thin chain instead of cables.

  • A milled housing covers a Panoram v12 Mini dashboard.

  • Fuel tank lid is quite a complicated piece of work.

  • Wheel hubs and rear sprockets are handmade.

  • Both front fork and seat have EXA FORM pneumatic bicycle shock absorbers.

  • A soviet Izh motorcycle’s klaxon is installed on a milled console.

  • K&N oil and air filters are used.