Royal Enfield Maori

A cafe-racer based on Royal Enfield Continental GT. Single cylinder four-stroke 500 cc custom bike.

маори / maori


A cafe racer built from Royal Enfield GT500 inspired by Maori tattoos and culture. It is covered by aerographic patterns depicting spirits and beasts like the ‘Tā moko’ tattoos New Zealand’s natives Maori* have.


This motorcycle has taken the 3rd place in the Freestyle class at Russian Handbuilt Cup championship at IMIS 2016 exhibition in St. Petersburg and 1st place in the Cafe Racer class at Russian Handbuilt Cup championship at MotoVesna 2016 exhibition in Moscow.

Наши награды
Наши награды



We did not do anything to the engine and transmission. The bike is neither stornger nor faster than it used to be. So that’s what we did to change it’s look:

  • frame geometry was changed

  • a new fuel tank, tail fairing, seat, front fairing piece and front fender have been crafted

  • a tail fairing piece has turn and stop signals integrated inside, so it looks like a predatory beast’s face

  • front fairing piece has two fangs made of epoxy as turn signals on it

  • a seat is hand crafted of leather stripes that imitate feathers

  • a bike’s sporty look is accented by a red line along the whole bike and a demonic black & red paint on everything that needed paint: frame, swingarm, footpegs, fork, etc.

  • a frame has an offset for footpeg mounts; this togehter with a new handlebar makes a pilot have a typical cafe racer sitting position

  • a lightweight and delicate swingarm is welded of steel pipes

  • we said ‘bye’ to a set of old shock absorbers and replaced them with a single YSS shock

  • HP Corse exhaust and K&M air filter were installed

  • new LED headlights are installed instead of an old single bulb headlight, new brackets to hold them were crafted too

Work process