Izh Planeta 5 Scrambler

A scrambler based on a Soviet legend: the Izh Planeta 5, a motorcycle with a 350cc 2-stroke single cylinder engine.

Иж П5 / Izh motorcycle


Lots of Russian bikers have their old two-wheeled friend standing in a shed and waiting for them, ever since the last summer of their childhood. But not many people decide to peel off 20 years of dust and give their old buddy a new life. This project started in late 2016 and was finished in 2022, after several rebuilds and repaintings. Finally, we have an Izh Planeta 5 Scrambler – a newborn 1996 Izh, a menace to suburban roads and the peace of the countryside.


The Izh Planeta 5 Scrambler took 1st place in the Cafe Racer class in the Custom & Tuning Show championship at the 2022 MotoVesna exhibition.

ИЖ награда / prize



So, what have we changed? Well, almost everything…

  • We took the classic Soviet engine, repaired & painted it black for this project. This 350cc engine has traveled only 200 km in its life, so it’s nearly new.

  • The frame and the seat underframe are completely rebuilt and adapted to a new geometry. We installed original rollover bars in the front (we had to chop them a little though).

  • The new seat was made by Mikhail Ivanov from FURIA Custom Motorcycle Leathers.

  • We used a lot of Royal Enfield parts we had from our previous projects. So our Izh proudly stands on its Royal wheels equipped with Royal drum brakes. The front wheel is 19″, the rear wheel is 18″. The front fork and trees are also from a Royal Enfield 350.

  • A Continental GT’s front fender has taken its place over the front wheel. The rear fender is also made by cutting an Enfield’s rear fender. The shock absorber springs are painted black to match the new color palette.

  • A Continental GT’s front fender has taken it’s place over a front wheel. The rear fender is also made by cutting an Enfield’s rear fender. Shock absorber springs are painted black to match the new color palette.

  • The stainess steel fuel tank is fully handmade. However, we used a Royal Enfield cap on top of it (and we painted it to match the new design).

  • The side covers are from a Royal Enfield Continental GT too. They too have been lucky enough to get a new lease of life on board our Izh. One of them now has the ignition lock installed.

  • Guess where the brake and clutch levers come from? Right, still from the Royal Enfield.

  • The grips and handlebar ends are from a Honda. The front footpegs are from a BMW K1600.

  • The side stand, gearbox pedal and rear brake pedal are all handmade.

  • The front decorative plate, air filter case and handlebar are also fully handmade.

  • The old Izh speedometer now sits in a new case and has a new brass face with the numbers engraved using a laser.

  • The alternator cover now carries our studio logo, thanks to O2 studio and their laser engraving skills.

  • The old ignition system has been replaced by a modern magneto.

  • The most recognizable feature of the bike are those terrifying sounds that erupt from its handmade exhaust system with a huge expansion chamber and a tiny muffler. That’s really brutal.

  • Everything was painted and airbrushed by Vladimir Vlasov, a brilliant painter.

Work process